Bryan Marks

Bryan Marks


Founder of the Great Lakes family of companies, I am still a hands on person. I will be intimately involved with all projects and if you need me I will be there! Strategically we have vertically integrated to provide service when and where needed. I personally guarantee our customers are happy with the work we do.

Joe Libby


I am the ‘numbers guy’. For years I have managed projects both large and small. Experience with public, private, corporate, and governmental projects. We can incorporate steel fabrication into our projects where applicable through Great Lakes Fabrication & Machining or even concrete via Great Lakes Ready Mix (if logistically feasible).

Brian Jones

Chief Operating Officer

With almost 30 years in this business we have probably seen it all, built it all, and fixed it all. Let me know if we can be of service to your business or organization.

Josh Luft

Josh Luft

General Manager

I’ve been with Great Lakes Fusion for 14 years and I supervise all gas projects. We drill wells, install new systems, and maintain existing LFG collection systems. In addition we install leachate collection piping and we do it all on time and on budget.

Brad Perkins

Drilling Foreman

I have been with Great Lakes Fusion for over 6 Years. As drilling foreman I am responsible for the safe drilling of landfill gas extraction wells. We have two drill rigs, and access to more if required. The proper installation of gas wells is critical to the success of LFG projects. I, personally, have drilled over 20,000 feet of drilling experience. You can rest assured we will get the job done, and done right.

Nate Trier

Nate Trier

Sr. Project Manager / Estimator

For the last fifteen years I have been with Great Lakes Fusion. Starting as a laborer, then an operator, now a foreman mostly on gas and leachate work. If there is a fence around it, you will probably find me there. I have supervised the installation of countless miles of HDPE pipe, the drilling of hundreds of LFG wells, and done it all with safety being the first priority!

Marla Welte

Accounts Receivable and Payroll Administration

My duties include Accounts Receivable and Payroll Administration. Email me anytime if I may be of assistance.

Andrea Lowe

Accounts Payable

Day to day I am the Accounts Payable person, along with this I am responsible for H/R and cost accounting. If I can be of assistance please drop me an email!