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Fraser Sinkhole Pipe 2

Project Overview

A massive 250-foot-long, 100-foot-wide sinkhole erupted in Fraser, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, on Christmas Eve morning 2016. The sinkhole was created when an 11-foot-wide sewer pipe burst 55 feet below ground.

The need was immediate and the potential for catastrophe was great. A state of emergency was declared and over 20 homes in the surrounding area had to be evacuated and 3 homes were deemed uninhabitable as a result of the sinkhole Steel vs. HDPE was discussed and the timing / costs were analyzed.

Great Lakes Fusion was contracted to fabricate the bypass lines so the failing pipe could be repaired / replaced. To start, Great Lakes Fusion fused 3700ft of 32inch HDPE for two bypass lines to lessen the possibility of the sewer backing up. Additionally, GLF brought in our largest fusion machine, a McElroy 2065, to fuse two more 48inch bypass lines 9600feet long, to provide the ability to completely shut down the sewer main in preparation for repair / replacement.

Fraser Sinkhole Pipe