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GLF Hard Welded Dual Contained Sump

The GLF Hard Welded Sump

Sumps can be made of many materials, concrete, clay, steel, and in our instance GLF sumps are constructed using pipe grade HDPE (high density polyethylene). HDPE does not corrode and makes for a very versatile sump.
For years HDPE sumps for the landfill market were fabricated using extrusion welding technics. This fabrication method creates the ‘weak spot’ for future failures and it is well documented that most failures occur due to this method of production.
We were challenged to design and produce a hard welded sump using only butt fusion. Butt fusion creates a bond stronger than the pipe itself. This is accomplished by the long standing method of heating the HDPE materials simultaneously and pressing them together. This pressure is maintained during the cooling of the parts and produces a permanent bond. This strength represents the toughest, most versatile sump available in the market today.
Additionally, we have incorporated the anti-float into our design. This is used so that under extreme saturation the sump does not attempt to rise, or ‘float’, out of its position. This feature, as shown, is also butt fused as part of our integral design.
Dual containment is used when security is of the utmost importance. Our capabilities allow us to produce dual containment, integral anti float, and provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your sump will withstand almost anything mother nature can throw at it!
The GLF Sump is now available in sizes ranging from 8” to 65” OD, and the configuration of affiliate parts are almost limitless!

GLF Hard Welded Sumps


  • Zero Extrusion Welds= More Durable
  • Integral Anti-Float
  • Available in Either Dual or Single Containment
  • Easily Customized to Your Application
  • The GLF Sump is also a Vault or Manhole!
  • Customizable to 65” Diameter
  •  Tell us your Size, Height, and Configuration