Remove the frustration caused by Typical Blind Flanges

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Typical Cell Riser

Typical Cell Riser

Riser with blind Flange (Note: missing bolts in blind flange not sealed) Takes two large wrenches to remove bolts.

Cell Riser with GLF Lid

Bolts and seal permanently attached, no tools needed.

Typical cell risers can be a constant source of annoyance. Bad seals, missing washers, bolts or nuts, and taking upwards of 60 minutes just to open are just some of the issues users experience. Now multiply that by 25+ Cell risers at a typical site.

There is a better way - Meet the GLF Lid

Twenty years ago Great Lakes Fusion recognized a need to make access through a typical blind flange easier. After reaching a level of frustration while losing parts, galling bolts, and watching continued failure of blind flanges to seal properly the GLF lid was conceived.

Starting with the ease of HDPE fusion installation, no loose parts, and a reliable, integrated seal, we developed the design you see today. We have been selling and installing lids for many years and the landfills have always been repeat customers due to the quality and simplicity of our product.

GLF Lid Benefits

  • One man, tool-less access in 30 Seconds
  • Molded in-place gasket
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Zero loose hardware
  • Always seals so you are always compliant
  • Available in sizes up to 36″
  • In the field for over 15 years, zero failures

30 seconds vs. 30 minutes

See the GLF Lid in Action

Ideal Applications

For the GLF Lid

Landfill Side Slope Risers
Landfill Clean-out Risers
Leachate Sumps
Condensate Sumps
Caisson Wells (with integral lifting lug)