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Landfill Construction

Landfills based in the United States are constructed in cells, with each cell consisting of a compacted clay liner built over the native soil base at least three feet above the water table. A far cry from how waste was disposed of only 50 years ago, today’s landfills are complex, highly engineered structures that require understanding of several disciplines to properly execute.  Great Lakes Fusion has a proven track record of successful Landfill Construction, with a focus on long-term lowered maintenance costs.  Contact our team today to discuss your project!

Notable Successes

  • Over two million cubic yards of earth moved
  • Cleared 40 acres of forest
  • During construction, rerouted one mile of creek
  • Created 50 acre wetland / floodplain
  • Installed (2) 125 Ton+ bridges over creek for hauling
  • Constructed over 1000′ long MSE wall, 58′ high, with over 400′ of near vertical construction
  • Various road building, restoration, and seeding completed