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Meet Great Lakes Fusion

Our expertise shines in the fusion welding of HDPE pipe and the strategic installation of methane gas and leachate collection systems. Our journey has expanded to encompass diverse industries, including commercial, industrial, and residential projects.

Driven by a steadfast work ethic and a commitment to safety, our foundation is built on respecting customers and ensuring competitive pricing. We consider our clients to be partners in every endeavor. Placing your trust in Great Lakes Fusion ensures our unwavering dedication to delivering projects within budget and on schedule, fueled by an unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

Established in 1998 with a primary focus on catering to the landfill industry, Great Lakes Fusion has since emerged as a pioneering leader in the construction industry. 

great lakes fusion team

Discover the remarkable tapestry of Great Lakes Fusion's evolution, woven with expertise and innovation. Since inception, our journey has taken us to the forefront of fusion welding and HDPE pipe installation. Today our endeavors have evolved to include critical infrastructure and environmental services which provide better solutions to traditional construction.

With a commitment to excellence and a vision rooted in safety, we've grown beyond boundaries, serving diverse industries seeking unparalleled excavation, fusion, and installation services. This evolution is fueled by a profound work ethic and the core belief that our clients are partners, fostering collaboration for shared success. At Great Lakes Fusion, our story is a dynamic blend of experience, values, and unwavering dedication, shaping the present and paving the way for an exciting future.

Our Story

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Step into the core of Great Lakes Fusion, where our values shine as the compass guiding our journey. Here, we unfold the essence of our business, introducing the minds that fuel our endeavors and unveiling the unique offerings that set us apart.

What We Value

what we value

Upholding the utmost commitment to safety and security, we ensure that every facet of our operations is rooted in protecting the well-being of our team, partners, and stakeholders.

Safety & Security


With our dedication to openness, we forge transparent connections that foster trust and mutual understanding, building a foundation of integrity.



Embracing a culture of growth and innovation, we continually seek new horizons, pushing boundaries to shape the future of construction with dynamic solutions that inspire progress.

Growth & Innovation 


Collaboration lies at the heart of our success, as we harmonize diverse talents and perspectives, leveraging the strength of our team to achieve excellence in every endeavor.

Team Work


Beyond construction, we are committed to making a positive mark in the communities we touch. Our actions resonate with purpose, leaving a meaningful impact that transcends our projects.

Community Impact


At Great Lakes Fusion, craftsmanship goes beyond skill – it's a testament to our pride and dedication. We meticulously craft each detail, delivering results that showcase the artistry and excellence in our work.



Meet The Team

Bryan & Tammy Marks


Meet the driving forces behind Great Lakes Fusion. Bryan, the founder, laid the foundation of our journey with a vision that has shaped our identity. Alongside him, Tammy, a dedicated owner, brings her expertise and passion to elevate our pursuits. Together, they exemplify leadership that propels us forward, ensuring excellence in every endeavor.

great lakes fusion owners

Brian Jones

Chief Operating Officer

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Brian has experienced it all from nearly every point of view. He's been on the ground, operating equipment, repairing equipment, managing and prioritizing jobs and crews. Currently, Brian is responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the Great Lakes Family of Businesses.  He works closely with the management teams to analyze, plan, and manage each project to meet company and client expectations. Brian values hard work and strives to keep up with the ever-changing demands by continually educating himself.

brian jones

Joe Libby

Chief Financial Officer

Introducing Joe, our numbers expert steering our operations. With a project management background spanning diverse sectors, Joe's financial acumen enhances our capabilities. 

joe libby

Josh Luft

General Manager

Josh guides operations at GLF. From managing gas projects to ensuring seamless timelines and budgets, Josh drives excellence in every endeavor.


Nate Trier

Senior Project Manager

With a track record of overseeing successful endeavors, Nate brings dedication, strategy, and a commitment to excellence to every project he manages.


Jordan Reed

Project Manager

With a history of guiding projects to success, Jordan combines expertise, meticulous planning, and a results-driven approach in every venture.

jordan reed

Brad Austin

Director of Business Development

Brad works to sculpt Great Lakes Fusion's path with strategic finesse that fuels growth, seamlessly connecting opportunities to success.

Brad Austin

Marla Welte

Accounts Receivable/Payroll

Helping steer financial operations, Marla excels in managing accounts, receivables, and payroll.

Marla Welte

Danielle Walker

Senior Accountant

With a demonstrated history of financial precision and strategic insight, Danielle leads with excellence in managing intricate financial operations.

Danielle Walker



Meet Ritz, our paw-sitively adorable team member. With a keen nose for quality and a wag that fuels morale, Ritz ensures every project passes the pup-proved test of excellence.

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